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December 30, 2009

Happy New Year and Messy Desk has returned!

Wow it's the last what's on your workdesk Wednesday of the year! join in the fun over at Stamping Ground.

What a dull desk - all my scrummy craft goodies pushed to one side to give me a clear space to do my accounts - groan, I always leave them to the last minute. Still, nearly finished and then normal crafting service can resume!

Still have a card to show you here's a little peak:

To view the full card you'lll need to hop over to my new blog - Blue Jelly Stampin.

if you want to join in my January Stampers 10 group, please be quick as now only 4 spaces left. January classes also getting to limited spaces now too. Details all on Blue Jelly Stampin.



  1. Oh I think you get brownie points aplenty for doing your accounts - good gal! Doesn't stop your desk area looking interesting tho, and you've got good lighting by the looks.

  2. Your so funny! My desk has been hit by a huge storm! Big mess! Off to your other blog!

  3. Errr I'm not showing a photo of my desk space ... full of paper, off cuts and a sprawled cat!!!
    Love the sneaky pek - will be popping over for a look see.
    Have a Happy New year
    Cathy xx

  4. I guess we all have to work sometimes, it's what keeps us in crafting heaven :)
    Happy New Year

  5. You made me laugh with the picture of the desk! I cleaned mine last night beautifully..a beautiful sight! Then I made one card today...just one card...and you would think a tornada went thru! So you are not alone!

  6. Hey, I can actually see some of the desktop's surface!!! That's better than my crafty desktop right now!!!! It needs a drastic clean and Congrats on your new blog and best of luck to you!! :>

  7. Eeewww accounts pah! Hope it gets crafty messy very soon.
    Happy New Year x

  8. Well, now I can gloat, what with MY desk being SO super tidy and all!! ;0P

    Hope you can get your accounts all out of the way quickly so you can get back to a REALLY worthwhile activity!!

    Happy New Year and all the very best for 2010!

    Caryn xxx

  9. There’s never a good time to do accounts Victoria but unfortunately they are one of those thing that has to be done but just think of the fun you can have once they are out of the way!
    I did mine just before Christmas and you’ve just reminded me ……I still haven’t paid the tax man

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you.

  10. Don't worry Victoria, you should see my bedroom floor when I've finished a card, lol! I love the sneak peek and Happy New Year! :)
    Love, Georgia xx

  11. It looks like organised mess hun!

    Happy New Year x


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