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May 06, 2009

Tiny Feet

Have to admit I haven't had time to make a card today so in true Blue Peter form, here's one I made earlier! Actually about three months earlier:

Glitter border card, glitter card, punches

I have loads of these glitter border cards that I don't seem to use. I must get round to popping them on Ebay or something. So this is a really simple card using scraps of glitter card and other bits and bobs and some footprint punches and a scalloped square punch - not a nestie!

Just bathed Zac as he looked like he'd 'been tango'd'. He had a bit of a session with some bright orange glitter paint at toddler group this morning, one of those moments where I wished I hadn't left my camera and my mobile at home! I've got to go and see if the orange stain will come off the bath now before starting work for the evening. And then maybe have a go at getting the orange paint stains off me too, I look like I've had an accident with a tube of St Tropez fake tan all up my arms! Is the streaky look in?



  1. aww cut feet! lovely card hun I like all the sparkle!

  2. Cute little card Victoria, sounds like Zac had fun at toddler group, hope the cleaning up goes OK :) Donna x


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