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August 16, 2009

I've lost my 'oooh'

Seriously, I've just been sitting in my craft room for the best part of an hour and.....................


Help, where has my 'oooh' gone to?



  1. Hang in there Victoria - it will come back. I usually go off and do something completely different and when I get back I make sure the room is tidy before starting again. That generally works for me. Hope your 'oooh' finds its way back soon.
    Sharon xx

  2. Do you know.. mines gone too! must be the weather. Just can`t get going at all. Never mind I`m sure it`ll come back. usually when I`m in the middle of something else I get the urge (to craft lol).Maybe I`ll iron that usually works for me.
    Lynne xxx

  3. Oh mate ! That's not good. I find that when it strikes the best thing to do is to look through some old magazines, check out other blogs and sit with a sketch book doodling. You'll then have a flurry of ideas and no time to put them into practice ! Hang on in there ! Sue x

  4. I'm having a bit of a struggle too today. I've been wanting to do the challenge for 365 Cards today and I haven't got any inspiration WHATSOEVER!
    Might just go and do a bit of colouring!

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I've got a wedding card to make that requires butterflies and pink and white and I'm stuck too. But judging by your previous cards whatever you do will be great.


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