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June 23, 2010

Ooh it's all going on here

Well it's Wednesday which generally means chaos and mayhem and today is no different! Started the day by Zac being picked up by hus Grandparents and me taking Blake for three jabs. No he didn't like it and yes he is a bit grisly this afternoon! Anyway, we came home and started prepping a little something. At least I did, Blake played with foam blocks. So as usual on a Wednesday it's time to join in the fun with Julia over at Stamping Ground and show What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.....

I've got a workshop next Wednesday morning for 15 - 20 ladies and this is a little look at the gift I'm making to demo for the lovely hostess. I'll show you the finished project after the workshop! Next Mr UPS came a knocking on my door to deliver this lot....

I'm doing a Greenhouse Garden class on Saturday and several of the ladies have ordered their own set to use and take home and funnily enough, these are the yummy colours we'll be using too. Mixed in here are some other stamps I got for FREE for achieving the second part of my Stampin' Start. Another fab thing about being a demo - work hard and you get rewarded with free stamps, I love it!

Now normally I'd share a pic of Blake with you and I am, but it's a bit of a cheat as these were taken on Sunday. I wanted to save them for today though. So here is Zac with my Hubby and Blake and Gangan in the background:

Then a not so good one of the boys but a rare one of me with them both. One day maybe we'll get one with all of us looking in the same direction!

Right, I've relocated me and Blake to the living room so I'm in postion to watch what could be Englands last match this World Cup, I have my fingers crossed Hubby can get out of work early but he thinks it won't happen. So I'll be doing my class prep at the table whilst shouting at the tellybox!

Have fun


  1. yummy colours, and a fab Tshirt

  2. Good luck with the class on Saturday. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.
    A x

  3. Well done on the free stamps (it's a real achievement!) and have to say love the t-shirt (face book! ha h a)

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Hiya Victoria

    lovely piccys hun, thats always the same here one looks one way the other looks another way lol, scrummy colours on your desk


  5. Good luck with your classes, I love Blake's t shirt!!

  6. Well done with all that workshop stuff and the new stamps!

    Love the facebook tshirt!

    And....hasnt your hair grown????


  7. Lots of nice things and stamps. Hope Blakes ok after his jabs. Hugs Pam x

  8. Hello Victoria-love the tee shirt. Bet my grandson Jamie would too. He's 20 nearly but still a big kid at heart. Glad you all look well now and got over the nasty bug. Saw the cards on your other blog and think they are lovely with the grey and black two-step stamping. Hugs BettyXXX

  9. oh victoria, i love the look of the stampin up goodies hun, lucky ladies to recieve that and the photos are gorgeous hun. hugs lou xxxxx

  10. love the colours you have together.
    Lynn x

  11. Sounds like another chaotic day for you Lovely pics of the family.

    Tracy xx

  12. Love the colours you're working on and love the pirate stamps - love all the stamps really. That t-shirt is ace!
    Anne x

  13. Hey, lovely piccy of James & Blake - great little T-shirt too !!!!


  14. Me again Victoria - how stupid of me of course that is Zac with his Daddy not Blake - still a great T shirt though !!!!


  15. Hi Victoria
    great piccies, luv the stamps, hahaha luv little ones t-shirt,sue,x

  16. Can't believe the t-shirt Zac is did make me chuckle ! Sue x

  17. Shouting at the telly was worthwhile!! At last! Class stuff looks gorgeous - love those bright colours. Lovely photos.

  18. I want that T shirt!! but I'd have different ones when I'm with different people! (I know, it won't fit me! a Bigger one!) See, even when your desk it a bit untidy, it's not messy!
    have a good day

  19. What a lovely pile of new stamps to play with! I love those stampin up wheels too - must go and have a play with mine now!

  20. Great photos, lots of lovely stamps and really funny tshirt! Have a great weekend.


  21. Lots of goodies there to play with, good luck with your workshop hun :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  22. Ooh I could happily amuse myself for weeks with your scrummy stash Victoria. The piccies are super, tfs.
    Nicola -x-

  23. Oh wow forget the desk those family photos are just adorable darling , you sure do have 3 good looking guys living with you !!!
    And that T-shirt is a scream ....I met them on FB ....OMG I'm wetting myself !!!
    Hugs Susie xx


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